Bienvenue sur la page Wiki de Madame Frazier!

This wiki is for you to use in order to find resources but also to learn more about what is happening in our French class.

Students, I encourage you to review your French vocabulary often and to do the weekly homework. Please go to the main Kolter web site, click on Academics -> Magnet Program -> Homework -> Assignments.
You can also click here on the left column on "Weekly Homework" (these are documents that can help you at any time). You may also choose to go under the "Resources" page or the "Useful websites" page. I have included vocabulary lists and kid-friendly web sites. Those are great to practice your listening comprehension.

May I also suggest some Apps? Here is one that I like: on your iPhone or iPad App Store, search for "HMH French vocabulary". There is a free basic version. You may decide to buy the upgrade.
Duolingo has been recommended to me as being a good way to practice.
If you have a French vocabulary App that you or your child have used and you would like to share, please contact me and I will update this page.

Finally, don't forget to visit our blog page. Students in 4th grade have posted their short video where they introduce themselves.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Au revoir !

Click here to read Mme Frazier's article published in the Alliance Française de Bordeaux fall 2013 newsletter.
Scroll all the way down at the bottom of the Newsletter - article in French!
Alliance Francaise de Bordeaux

Click here to see a video of Mme Frazier on the French Embassy web site, promoting professional training to French teachers:
Ambassade de France

  • See Useful Websites for several web sites that are easy to use by students. Please visit them frequently to review your French vocabulary.
  • See the current events and contests links for information on items such as contests (poster, essay, photography, FLES, ...) and community events as well as events here at Kolter.

French Alt Key Combinations

à Alt+133
â Alt+131
ä Alt+132
ç Alt+135
é Alt+130
è Alt+138
ê Alt+136
ë Alt+137
î Alt+140
ï Alt+139
ô Alt+147
œ Alt+0156
ù Alt+151
û Alt+150
ü Alt+129
« Alt+174
À Alt+0192
Ä Alt+142
Ç Alt+128
É Alt+144
È Alt+0200
Ê Alt+0202
Ë Alt+0203
Î Alt+0206
Ï Alt+0207
Ô Alt+0212
Ù Alt+0217
Û Alt+0219
Ü Alt+154
» Alt+175