Future Tours de Kolter -Calling volunteers to be part of a PTO-committee for a future Tour de Kolter. I would like to organize a school-wide event on a Saturday morning. I am currently seeking parents to build an organization committee. If you are interested, please contact me at cfrazie1@houstonisd.org

The Tour de Kolter 2015 took place on 16th, May 2015[article to be published soon]

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Tour de Kolter 2014
The Tour de Kolter 2014 edition took place on Tuesday May 20th, 2014 at 8:10 a.m.
Our winners were:
For the boys: Jackson G.; Edward W.; and Seth S.
For the girls: Karli F.; Emory I. and Tessa L.
Our overall team was made up of: Jules N.; Jackson G.; Kassandra Z. and Tessa L.
Jackson took home the yellow "jersey" for the boys and Karli for the girls. Congratulations!

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Tour de Kolter 2013The Tour de Kolter 2013 edition corresponded to the 100th edition the actual Tour. And what a race we had! Monsieur Buron, a 5th grade parent, volunteered to trace the outline of the parcours and set the yellow cones. It had turns and straight lines, ups and downs, just like the real race! Merci beaucoup, it added a lot of suspense as the riders went one by one through the sometime looking labyrinth! It was fun!
We had also a fabulous audience which supported all the riders.In the end, Jacklyn Helm won for the girls and Jayce Nunn for the boys. Both received a yellow jersey, a reminder of the actual yellow jersey won by the Tour de France best rider.
Picture of this "fantastique" day:2013-05-16 09.23.58 Tour.jpg

Tour de Kolter 2012
The 2012 edition took place on Thursday May 17th from 9:40 to 10:25 a.m.
Our winners were:
For the boys: Carson B., Dylan D. and Kam'Ron V.
For the girls: Margaret B, Amelia B. and Elyse E.
Our overall team was made up of: Ajay R., Charlie T., Daphne M. and Amelia B.
The overall winner was Carson! He took home the yellow "jersey"! Congratulations!


Tour de Kolter 2011
What a race! Every year, millions of fans around the world watch the Tour de France, to see who will win. French 5th grade students know what it feels like. Once again, they competed in the annual “Tour de Kolter” on this windy Friday May 20, where students raced their bikes around the school playground. Couple days before the race, the students had learned about the history of the Tour de France, major bike racer athletes as well as basic principles of bicycle safety.
This year’s boys winners are: 1st place - Jason Levine; 2nd place - Liam Burhans; 3rd place - Ari Schwartzberg. This year's girls winners are: 1st place girl - Helen Pu; 2nd place - JayLynn Nunn; 3rd place - Angelina Pieniazeck. The winning team was: Stephanie Luna; Liam Burhans; Faith Vincent and Maddie Lebman. All participants wore a white jersey in keeping with the Tour de France tradition where the best rider under 25 years old wins this color. Both overall winners of the Tour de Kolter 2011 received a yellow jersey as one of their prizes
.Boys_winners_2011.JPG. Girls_winners_2011.JPG Winning_team_2011.JPG
Bravo les Cougars!