Assessments and Report Cards

Due to the nature of the language teaching in elementary school, Magnet language teachers do not assign numerical grades when giving a report card grade. What appears on your child’s HISD report card is the student’s conduct grade in their classes. In an effort to communicate your child’s progress in French class, the Magnet department has designed a separate report card that will go home with the main report card. It is for informational purposes only.
It will have a numerical grade that averages all the tests and oral quizzes given during that time period. There will be one homework grade included into it as well: if your child does the homework, he/she gets a check for that week. If there are 7 weeks of homework during that 9-week period, that's 7 checks possible. If your child does the homework every week, he/she will receive a 100 for the 7 checks.

The 9-week report card does not need to be returned. If you have questions though (on the assessments and/or grading), do not hesitate to contact me.

Tests and quizzes:

Do not be alarmed if you see a 75% or even a 50%. It is already a nice accomplishment at this age to be able to retain half or more of the vocabulary in a different language!