King's Day 2015

It is the tradition in France to share a GALETTE during the month of January to celebrate the beginning of the Mardi Gras season which officially starts on Jaunuary 6th.
Mrs. Frazier's Fench classes will study the tradition by reading books, studying different recipes and cakes, playing card games in French and sharing a Galette.
Lower grade classes will also make crowns and other Mardi Gras decorations.
Bonne fête des Rois!

Monday September 16, 2013

Chadian Artist Taigue Ahmed conducted a dance workshop for French 4th & 5th graders

"Root" narrates my origin. It talks about where I come from and reveals and honours the richness of the Chadian dance heritage that I received in my childhood. I wish to share this dance, full of joy and love, with the youth, providing them with the basic knowledge which will help them dance on the rhythm of the drums coming from the heart of Africa. This will be a memorable time of awakening and joy."
Click here for more information on Taigue Ahmed: Taigue Ahmed at Blaffer

Click here for French vocabulary regarding dance

Pictures from our training - Merci encore mille fois Monsieur Taigue Ahmed!

2013-09-16 on danse.jpg 2013-09-16 la formation.jpg 2013-09-16 Les tambours africains.jpg

2013-09-16 Le musicien, l'interprete et le danseur.jpg

5th graders introducing themselves to one another - Fall 2012

2012-09-21 09.19.53.jpg 2012-09-21 09.19.17.jpg

Voices of 1st graders - recording done in November 2012

Leah's voice
Mary-Kate's voice
Molly's voice

1st graders in September 2012, having greeting conversations in French using masks.

"Comment ça va?"
"Ça va bien, merci" / "Ça va mal" / "Ça va très bien"

"Au revoir"
"Au revoir!"

2012-09-05 1st grade pic 1.jpg 2012-09-05 1st grade pic 2.jpg 2012-09-05 1st grade pic 3.jpg 2012-09-05 1st grade pic 4.jpg 2012-09-05 1st grade pic 5.jpg

1st graders in May 2012, reading the story of Eric Carle, "Panda, Panda ..." in French!

IMG_0367.JPGIMG_0369.JPG IMG_0370.JPGIMG_0371.JPGIMG_0372.JPG IMG_0373.JPG